6 Alternative Activities For Couples Who Are Not Big On Celebrating Diwali The Conventional Way.

Are you the kind of couple who wishes every other festival is just another day and while thinking that, ends up doing nothing throughout the day? If you’re not that big on celebrating Diwali, there are many things you can do instead, to wile away time. You don’t necessarily have to eat, pray or duck (firecrackers) and can do something different with your significant other.

More often than not, it’s quite a hassle to deck up, get stuck in traffic jams, face pollution, lose money and spoil your liver rotten by drinking copious amount of alcohol. We agree it’s all in the name of festive spirit (so don’t gun us down for this) BUT if you’re the kinda couple that likes to keep it low key, here are a few alternatives to spend your Diwali day/night.

Do A Movie Marathon

Since we all lead busy lives, movie marathons have become quite questionable. Who has the time right? Well, now you do! We’re thinking trilogies? Snuggle in, get a snack and spend the day or night giving yourself a visual treat.

Blast Some Music

When you’re tired of braving noise pollution outside your window maybe you and the girlfriend can blast some mind-blowing tunes and dance your boredom away! We’re thinking Lady Gaga or some Sepultura?

Play With Your Pets
Your pets have the hardest time digesting the noise outside. You may find them hidden beneath tables and inside cupboards. If you’re a couple that has a dog or a cat together, spend time with you pets and make them feel as comfortable as you can!

Take A Long Drive, Preferably Out Of The City

We know traffic is madness around Diwali but once you leave the city behind, traffic can go take a hike. The highway is the best place to head sans traffic. Maybe find a few dhabas along the way to gorge on some desi food? We reckon Murthal

Cook At Home

Cooking is a classic relationship strengthing activity. If you have a day off, cook together. It’s rather therapeutic. You can peel and cut veggies while bae looks like a dish herself. Ps: Try cooking naked, it’s quite a lot of fun. Just make sure you don’t get hot oil splashes at places that’ll make you scream bloody murder

Have A House Party
The best way to avoid all that and more on Diwali is to have a low key house party. If you hate the idea of playing cards and wasting money, just keep a sweet and simple house party instead where friends who are as lazy as you to celebrate Diwali, commemorate to waste away some more time. Maybe do a games night? We’re thinking Charades, Taboo, Mono Deal or Dark Room.

Maybe there is something we’ve missed out on (like having sex to the rhythm of the firecrackers outside?) but the whole point is to spend a whole day being useless and lazy with your girlfriend. As long as you achieve that, mission accomplished, right? Have a superb Diwali.

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