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It’s time to get proactive and really serious about finding somebody for everyone likes to have a companion at some point in life to celebrate their highs and a shoulder to lean on when times are not at its best. Although there are several options and platforms to reach out to, they all carry risks and could end up leaving you frustrated. Online dating can be really annoying. You invest a lot of your time, energy and money to know someone online and make a connection and arrange to meet them in person but they may not be even remotely be what they portray themselves to be online. On the other hand, clubs and bars are also definitely not an answer for you to meet singles who are serious about finding love and have the same goals as you do in terms of relationships and finding someone. A lot of us may not be so comfortable on being set up by a family member or friends because it often brings in a feeling of obligation to date someone that we really don’t feel a connection with. We at heart and soul truly are looking to help our clients save their time and energy by not wasting time on dates that don’t have the potential for a serious relationship. We are credible for finding the right partner as this is the key to your success. We help set a path for you in finding a good match and making the most of the relationship. This will enable you to concentrate on what you do best while we take care of the rest for you regarding finding the ideal match.

How It Works

  • We will short-list about 10 to 12 suitable profiles out of which you will get to physically meet 6 matches (6 people).
  • We send you the first profile of a potential match based on your preferences.
  • Please note that we will need to share some of the information and photographs with clients/potential matches only. We will need your written permission for the same.
  • It’s really not our business how you decide to handle incurred costs (coffee, lunch or dinner) once you decide to meet your match. We leave such decisions to you and your match.
  •  Important: We will try our absolute best to have the fastest turn-around time, however, please give us ATLEAST a week to a MAXIMUM of 10 days to work on your match/es.
  • If you approve of the profile, we will fix a mutually convenient date and time to meet, and do an email introduction so that both parties could take it forward. Please note that for whatever reason you change your mind and do not wish to go ahead with the meeting, it will be still be counted as a match.
  • Reason: Keeping your needs in mind, we select the best matches for you. Unless you MEET them in PERSON, you will not get the best idea of compatibility. Request you not to make meeting decisions based on chat or e-mail exchanges you have had with the person.
  • Don’t judge a Book by it’s cover: Just like we strongly recommend that you DO NOT make decisions about meeting or otherwise based on chats or e- mail exchanges, here, we urge you NOT to judge the matches we send by appearance (most people are better in person, anyway?).
  • Send us your feedback after the meeting, before we send you the next profile.
  • Disclaimer: Despite our screening process & taking every effort to ensure that we provide you with the best experience, in areas such as financial background, astrological compatibility, family history and other such related aspects, we request you to find out accurate details on your own.

Terms & Conditions


The Clients and Their Potential Matches Should:

1.  Be legally single, not dating anyone exclusively, and open to the possibility of settling down with the right partner.

2.  Must ensure that all personal information provided be genuine & any attempt to mislead via false information will result in immediate termination of services & NO REFUND requests will be entertained.

3.  The Total Fee is Non-Refundable & Non-Negotiable.

4.  The fees are uniform for ALL. No special requests will be entertained.

5.  The service has been designed as an offering to be able to provide you with a wholistic experience. Should you wish to not avail of a particular component of the offering, there will be no reduction in fees.

6.  In the event that you wish you discontinue services altogether, fees are non-refundable

7.  In the event that you are genuinely busy or travelling, we can put your case on hold for a maximum period of 3 months, post which you will have to renew the match making service membership.

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