What is Heart & Soul?

 HEART & SOUL is a unique space where we FIRST help you to SEEK your-self; yes seek, for you never really were lost in the first place. Once you truly seek your-self, a partner now becomes a joy instead of a complication. Now, you don’t go looking for THAT special someone, you just make it SPECIAL. Get the difference?

How We Help?

Interactive Mixers: specially designed to have fun & ‘break the awkwardness’. A Must do!! – Niche events curated around the activity of your interest: Do you have a hand for cooking or painting? Perhaps both? Reading or movies and much more. Wouldn’t this be a lot more fun to share it with that someone special. 

– Stimulating Workshops: specially designed & integrated with the sole aim for you to find YOUR-SELF. Come Seek!!

– Match Making: Once we help you find your-self, now we take it a step further and assist you in finding your proverbial ‘princess’ or ‘knight’ not in shining armour.

– We’ve thought about your comfort, need for privacy & above all your safety: Thorough screening process in place. Venue details to be provided to every participant ONLY if they pass the screening process.

Why Heart & Soul?

All of us are social beings. Some more than others, none the less we all are.

Every social outing we attend has the Big 4; Food, drink, ambience & conversation. If you introspect a little you will slowly realize that you always imagined every outing to be different but each one of them was just a repetition of the big 4-only the people, place, situation & possibly occasion changed.

Let’s admit it; we keep doing this on repeat hoping for more, for new, for something. What we really want is to find our-selves. But instead of looking for it in here, we are looking for it every -where else.

More significantly, we believe that a partner is the answer- the ultimate salvation. There is nothing wrong in desiring a special someone in your life or for that matter desiring anything
BUT, take a moment to think about it, unless you find YOUR-SELF, “the people in your life will change, but the pattern will remain” and there you’re off again trying to find the ideal someone,


Our Inspiration

As we enter the era of technological advancement, it gives us a whole lot of access to a range of people. The second thing this does is that it gives us choice. As interesting & exciting as choice might seem, not knowing how to harness that choice effectively can often lead to distress and unwanted tangles.

It is a common belief that an outside force like a partner or a match in this case, will be the solution to all your problems. Combine technology, choice, opportunity & access and you can have a plethora to choose from. This has to be a boon, provided and only if you first spend time introspecting, to find your-self. You have to know you before you try and find happiness via someone else. Else, choice just becomes a means of access and not anything genuine. Hence this tag line- Find your-self to find your match. So while a whole lot of us are able to do this on our own, I kept meeting people who despite having a lot going for them, were just not able to find like-minded people on their own.

When I delved into this further, among the obvious reasons like confidence, shyness, a disability to trust, not wanting to take a chance etc, a lot of them had not done the necessary self-introspection to actually find them-selves, as I have earlier mentioned. So, I thought, why not first create a space where both of our goals can be achieved; people creatively finding them-selves and then we organically & through a natural progression help them in the journey to find a match. I do believe I can be the necessary catalyst in their quest for the above.

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A unique space where we FIRST help you to SEEK your-self; yes seek, for you never really were lost in the first place. Once you truly seek your-self, a partner now becomes a joy instead of a complication.

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