15 Things to Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day.

February means being bombarded with red hearts, pink flowers, and phrases like “be mine” written in elegant script everywhere you look. For some people, both single and in relationships, Valentine’s Day is an annoying and unnecessary commercial celebration. For those who are unattached and not exactly happy about it, though, it can be more like […]

Being single and surviving the wedding season.

Indian weddings are a special occasion for ‘eligible’ bachelors. Even if you are happily single in your life, the wedding season is one of those phases where the universe conspires to remind you that your life is incomplete if you are unmarried. People who might not talk to you on a regular basis or meet […]

Your Guide to New Year’s Eve Dating.

Your Guide to New Year’s Eve Dating. Sure, you can have fun alone on New Year’s Eve, but why not score a date? If you’re hoping for a kiss at midnight, we’re here to help make your dreams come true. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get a date for […]

How To Be Kinder In A Relationship

How To Be Kinder In A Relationship Valentine’s Day is the official time for wildly romantic gestures, but what should we be doing to make our other half happy the rest of the year? Relationship experts Mig Bennett and Emma Davey explain how and why we should all try to be a bit kinder… Let’s […]

08 Best Halloween Date Ideas That Are Hauntingly Romantic.

Romance probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Halloween, and that’s totally fair. Most people tend to make spookier connections with the holiday, conjuring up images of scary movies or creepy Halloween decorations instead. But in our opinion, cuddling up with your significant other to watch Hocus Pocus or […]


We first have to start with the “why.” Why does bickering happen in the first place? The short answer is expectations. What we presume a relationship will look like shapes our contribution to the partnership. Expectations in a relationship are subjective, biased and can differ from person to person. Some may expect their spouse to […]


Learn to trade expectations for appreciation, and your entire relationship – and world – will change. Instead of focusing on the negative, make a point to value your partner’s positive qualities. This will take you much further in your relationship. They may not have folded the towels the way you wanted them to, but at […]

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