9 Ways To Overcome Dating Burnout

a huge issue that so many singles are facing today.

It’s hard enough to juggle a career, friends, family, and some downtime. Add dating apps on top of that — and the time it takes to go on dates (many of which lead nowhere) — and you’ve got a recipe for burnout.

But there are ways to overcome this, and bring it back to the reason you’re going through the crazy world of dating today: to find love.

I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true! And love is the best.

So let’s walk through some ways to beat dating burnout, so you can keep going and find a love that makes it all worth it:

1. Remember Your “Why”

Dating burnout is so real. Especially when you go on a string of dates that don’t lead to a meaningful connection. But remember your why.

Why are you going on these dates to begin with? Chances are, you want a committed relationship. And you WILL find one. So long as you keep going on dates. 🙂

2. Find the Fun in Dating

Don’t get me wrong — some dates are more fun than others. But there is truly something fun to discover in every date!

Enjoy a cocktail that you haven’t tried before. Explore a new place or activity, like mini golf or rock climbing. Share a joke with the other person, even if you don’t feel it’s a great match. Laugh. Take the pressure off.

3. Make the Date “Productive”

How often do we go on a date that isn’t great, only to think, “Why’d I waste my time?”

But no date has to be a waste of time! Use dates as a learning opportunity. Ask your date questions you don’t normally ask. If there’s something unique about their background or perspectives on things (e.g. a different culture, career path, etc.), learn from them.

4. Don’t Have Expectations

It’s natural to have expectations, especially when we’ve messaged dates beforehand. Maybe we enjoy the texting banter, or we feel the person is attractive in their photos, for example.

But having expectations that aren’t met on a date can lead to real disappointment (and burnout). Try to remain neutral before a date.

5. Remember It’s Not Supposed to be Easy

Romantic movies and rare success stories from people we know may make us feel like finding “the one” shouldn’t be too hard. But sometimes, it can be! And it makes sense.

Lasting love requires someone who you’re attracted to, who emotionally fulfills you, who shares your life vision, and more. It can take work to find that person!

By remembering this, and remembering we’re not alone in the struggle, we can feel more at peace with the dating journey (and less burnt out).

6. Swap Stories with Your Friends

Who doesn’t love a good dating story? I’ve got so many #datingfails I could write a book!

And I wouldn’t give up those stories for anything. They gave my friends and I some good laughs, they taught me a lot, and they made me feel all the more grateful for the “good ones” out there.

A good dating story can be the perfect antidote to burnout. 🙂

7. Take a “Me” Day (or a Few)

At the end of the day, dating isn’t everything. We still have our friends, family, career, hobbies, and all the rest.

So if you’re feeling burnt out from dating, take a “me” day! Or a few.

Recharge your batteries. Remember all of the other amazing things going on in your life. And spend some time away from the dating games so you can return refreshed.

8. Set Boundaries

Sometimes, dating burnout can happen because we’re SO determined to find the one. I can totally relate!

But just be sure that you’re not letting dating take the front seat to everything. And be sure you’re not letting any particular person call all of the shots.

Try to find balance between dating sprees, late nights, etc. and the rest of your life. It’ll help keep you at the top of your dating game! 🙂

9. Remember This Won’t Last Forever

I promise! With the right strategies, you will not be dating forever. And that knowledge alone can help you overcome dating burnout.

Your life partner can technically be the very next person you meet.

I hope these reminders help!

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