15 Summer Date Ideas To Heat Up Your Relationship

Catch a Movie
Many movies release during the summer months—or, you may even be lucky enough to have a drive-in theater close by. Bonus points if an action or scary movie is playing—these types of films elevate your heart rate, which can increase feelings of attraction and love.

Take a Cooking Class
Whether you’re learning to make pasta by hand or churn ice cream, a cooking class is a fun way to bond with your partner. Achieving something releases dopamine and makes us feel good. Doing that with your partner has the wonderful side-effect of your brain associating your significant other with those good feelings, she explains. While local restaurants and culinary schools may offer in-person lessons, you can also take advantage of the wide variety of online classes, too.

Go for a Hike
Take on the great outdoors with your significant other by finding a hiking trail near you. You’ll have the opportunity to see some beautiful sites while encouraging each other along the way.

Rent Bikes
Dates don’t have to require spending a lot. Consider renting bicycles and riding around town, stopping at places you’ve never gone before. This will help you confirm that the attraction you feel for your partner is not just something you experience when you’re having an expensive meal.

Try a New Cuisine
Mix things up by sampling a cuisine you’ve never tried before and make sure to order something you’re both apprehensive to eat. (Feeling really adventurous? You could also try making that new cuisine at home!

Go Paragliding
Try something way out of your comfort-zone—like skydiving. “The fact that you trust each other enough to take that (literal) leap, will bring you closer,” says dating expert Adrienne Selko. “And the achievement of overcoming a fear of an activity is another building block in a relationship.”

Take a Road Trip
If you had to put your once-in-a-lifetime Italian getaway or French holiday on hold, here’s the good news: You don’t have to travel overseas to feel like you’re on vacation. Drive to a new-to-you nearby town. If you can, rent a hotel room or Airbnb and make a weekend of it.

Visit an Amusement Park
Life is full of serious stuff and couples often end up spending their allotted date time discussing heavy topics such as parenting, finances, work issues, toxic family members, and household chores. Visiting an amusement park can help couples remember that they are friends, as well as partners—and pals have fun together.

Try an Outdoor Exercise Class
While the weather is still warm, try poolside (or, if you’re lucky, beach) yoga, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, or even a water aerobics class.

Run in a Race
Sign up for a local 5K, 10K, or even half marathon. Though the race itself is the end goal, you’ll enjoy many dates together while you train. Because a collective challenge has that “we’re in this together” mentality, the experience can enhance feelings of intimacy and intensify a bond.

Go Stargazing
Something as simple as heading to a dark spot and looking up at the night sky can be an incredibly romantic experience. (For help spotting planets, stars, and constellations, we recommend downloading a stargazing app, like SkySafari, Star Tracker, or SkyView

Arrange a Couples Tennis Match
Nobody said you can’t include others on your date. “Presenting yourself as a couple in social situations is a bonding experience,” says Fraley. “You and your partner are entering the social scene as a team and that creates a sense of unity.” Invite another couple out for a day of friendly competition—loser buys drinks.

Watch the Sunset
We spend way too much time in our busy minds and thoughts, which can isolate us.Wake up early to catch the sunrise together, or watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine and some simple snacks

Go to an IPL Cricket Match
Have a shared love for a particular sports team? Head to the stadium for the evening. Strong relationships are the ones that have a sense of “us,” “we,” or “team”. This unity helps build a sense of connectedness and is very beneficial for couples.

Have a Picnic
Don’t underestimate the value of a quiet event, like a picnic in your local park. “These kinds of dates allow for intimate conversations that lead to deep emotional connections and a foundation of friendship.

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