Authenticity – A Connection to Self Event Description

In the times we live today with increased competition, pressure, expectations, and much more we are forgetting where we have come from and how to live a more purposeful life. After going through different experiences and meeting a lot of new people from all walks of life the one thing I have learnt is the answer lies in, what kind of a relationship do you share with yourself.

This workshop will change your perspective towards developing a deeper and stronger connection with self. This in turn will help you to deal with situations that come your way, as now you have the resources and tools to handle them. Training self to look within for answers is the best way to live as you are not dependent on external sources. Understanding self and knowing who you are helps to be the same person in any setting which in my eyes is living a truthful & authentic life.


About Heart and Soul :

HEART & SOUL is a unique space where we FIRST help you to SEEK your-self; yes seek, for you never really were lost in the first place. Once you truly seek your-self, a partner now becomes a joy instead of a complication. Now, you don’t go looking for THAT special someone, you just make it SPECIAL. Get the difference?



  • Interactive Mixers: specially designed to have fun & ‘break the awkwardness’. A Must do!!
  • Niche events curated around the activity of your interest: Do you have a hand for cooking or painting? Perhaps both? Reading or movies and much more. Wouldn’t this be a lot more fun to share it with that someone special. Come Discover!!
  • Stimulating Workshops: specially designed & integrated with the sole aim for you to find YOUR-SELF. Come Seek!!
  • Match Making: Once we help you find your-self, now we take it a step further and assist you in finding your proverbial ‘princess’ or ‘knight’ not in shining armour.


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About Unnati :

Unnati has been living in Vancouver, Canada since the last 13 years. She brings over 12 years of global business experience as a Jewellery Designer & Diamond Grader with her company Unnati Jewels. Along with that she has been a passionate HR Professional for more than 7 years and is now helping people through her practice Clay Consulting ( by being a Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Author and a Therapeutic Counsellor.

She enjoys reading, dancing, singing in her spare time and believes in always remaining a student by trying new things as that is how one can grow, expand your horizon and build a better relationship with self and others.




TIME : 6:00 TO 8:30 PM


  • EARLY BIRD RATE : Rs 1,800 Includes Tea and Coffee and Sandwiches
  • REGULAR RATE : Rs. 2,000 Includes Tea and Coffee and Sandwiches


Please note – All payments need to be realized BEFORE the commencement of the workshop – by 3 pm on 29th March.  No walk-ins or payments at the gate will be entertained.




ATTIRE : Smart Casual

Register by 22nd march your payment by  23rd March at the latest. We would need to give the venue a head count, so kindly adheres to the above dates.